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  fast twin engine TRAWLER YACHT fast Double deck motor Catamaran VIDEO OF CONTOY

Boat Tours:


Excursion Vessels

Caravel NIÑA
Pirate Sloop CORSARIO
Fast twin engine
Fast motor CATAMARAN
Houseboat AQUALODGE 10

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National park and bird sanctuary

Conservation through pleasurable and interesting visits

Isla Contoy in the State of Quintana Roo, approximately 15 Nautical Miles north of Island Mujeres, is located at the confluence of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. The island, with it’s 5 Miles length and a surface area of 780 acres, is considered the most important nesting place of sea birds in the Mexican Caribbean.
Fregata Magnificens by Wolfgang Piecha


Our company, with passion for nature and local naval history has been designing,
building and running excursion vessels out of Cancun since 1976..

Our MISION is to make our eco-historical adventure tours an unforgettable experience
while conserving nature and the cultural identity of the Mexican Caribbean.

If you are an individual traveler, we invite you to take one of our regular tours
to the National Park of Isla Contoy every Tue.,Thu. and Sat. aboard
our double deck expedition trawler and every day in the week aboard a fast MOTOR
CATAMARAN, combining the Contoy Tour with an one hour visit of pitoresc Isla Mujeres.
If you are a bird watcher, ask for our special arrangements and rates.

If you are a travel agent or traveling in a large family group maybe planing a wedding
and are trying to find something very exclusive to do for your clients or family and friends,
inquiere about our extensive charter program or group rates.


What is up, the latest development and activities:

The two Ospreys chicks are two beautiful grown ups now
this winter 2013/14 the parents raised another chick succesfully
Osprey Young Adult Foto Wolfgang Piecha  



In 2011 we installed together with the mexican INAH institute and the mexican Navy the first Archeological Underwater Museum,in Mexico, in the calm waters of the Visitors Center and Island's Nature Museum at Contoy

Replica of historic Stock Anchor 16th century  

Our "Aqualodge" ecological catamaran house boat will be available for bird watcher associations, scientist, universities and nature lovers in general

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You may find our vessels in the TV programs of the Discovery Channel or in the Columbus: Secrets from the Grave teacher's shop under the titels: "The Conquistadors".
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Dec. 2006 the BBC of London in close cooperation with History Channel, filmed a historic documentary at a small mountain lake north of Mexico City, featuring our smallest vessel the NIÑA, as one of the 13 brigantines Hernan Cortes had built to reconquer the Aztec Capital Tenotichlan

The Brigantine under attack  

We are cooperating closely with the Lighthouse-Foundation, the
foundation for the Seas and Oceans


We are founding and board member of the Mexican NGO Friends of Island Contoy "Amigos de Isla Contoy A.C."...

Amigos de Isla Contoy Link  

For more information:
Phone:+52 (998) 884-5333, Mobil +52 1 (998) 845-7114


Any doubt, or suggestion please call or write us we speak , english, french, spanish, portuguese, japanese and german

Exursion vessel CORSARIO
Visiting with the friendly Sting Ray
Corsario's classic stern  of a British Man of War
Caravel PINTA fully rigged by Shokker sails from Holland for The Discovery Channel production
Caravel Pinta at Sunset Beach Party

Beach of Contoy's visitors center

Around the island of Contoy are many historical ship wrecks to be found